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WNDRMNT.com has successfully been acquired by UK-based web design agency, C Website Design. After months of negotiation, a successful bid was placed, securing WNDRMNT. C Website Design aim to continue offering WordPress web design and development services for WNDRMNT’s existing clients through their website here.

James Salvator, Director of cheapwebdesign.org.uk made a recent statement:

“During this exciting acquisition, we are aiming to provide a seamless experience for any of WNDRMNT’s existing clients who wish to continue hosting and ongoing support for their websites. In the next few weeks, we shall be closing down WNDRMNT.com and directing customers to our web design team based in the UK. With telephone lines open 24 hours a day, there should be no difficulty in contacting us.”


From Los Angeles to New York, we help companies succeed by connecting with audiences and building handcrafted websites to deliver extraordinary results.

Website Design Services


We are passionate about creating awe-inspiring websites through means of interactive storytelling. An incredible amount of calculated thought goes into each design.

Website Development


Converting pixel-perfect designs into functional web apps is an art. Coding (for example: HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, WordPress) is what we excel at, so let us help!

We build ecommerce websites on Woocommerce


Brick and mortar selling is only half the battle. We understand the difference and offer user-friendly shopping experiences for selling both physical and digital products.

User experience services (UX)


UX is an integral part in our design process. Prototyping is vital for ensuring the smoothest user-friendly experience imaginable.

Wordpress Website Designers


We specialize in WordPress website theme design, so our clients have the freedom to easily manage their own website.

Web Consultation Services


Getting from point A to point B isn’t always the easiest task. We can break down the process and assist you along the way.


Our process is simple. By having an organized and crystal clear approach WNDRMNT can guarantee a smooth production from start to finish.

Phase 1 - Design



The first phase, design, is the most important and begins with discovery. Understanding our client’s vision, ultimate goals and competitive analysis is vital for producing a long-lasting design in the digital medium.

Phase 2 - Develop



The secondary phase involves development of the design. Our top priority is using high standards coding and to ensure cross-browser compatibility. During this process, we offer clients a staging server to view the process as it is developed.

Phase 3 - Deploy

Phase 3


Once development has been approved the final phase in the process is to deploy. We transfer the final product from staging to the production server and run a final checklist to ensure all criteria is met so the project can go live.


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